You don’t need a reason or excuse to start home gardening but if you feel you do go ahead and use my reasons, as long as you get started.

Fond Childhood Memories of Food And Gardening

You might not have parents that were able to have a vegetable garden like I had growing up but you can have your own experience and maybe even pass that on to your own kids.

Even though it took me more than 20 years after leaving home to have a garden of my own the idea never left me. I even started a balcony garden in my bachelor apartment.

Gardening For Better Health

I grew up suffering from migraine from age 8 until I hit 40 and never knew it was the food I was eating. Well not so much the food but the sprays on the food that poisoned my system and made me suffer for all those years.

Since learning the cause of my migraines and adjusting by washing my food and buying locally grown organic food I have not had a migraine and as of 2012 it’s been almost 20 years migraine free. I still get bad headaches eating at other people’s homes but at least the poisons don’t build in my system like they used to day after day, but no migraines.

Able To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

All the food we purchase at the big grocery stores have to bring in that food from all over creation which does a number of things that could be avoided by buying locally grown food as well as growing our own.

First is the fuel requirements to get that food here and the emissions they produce. Also the wear and tear on the vehicles and equipment required to haul our food. That could be limited by so much if we would all just grow something we don’t have to buy from these places.

We Compost And No Long Use The Landfill Sites

I feel so bad for needlessly sending our yard and kitchen waste to the landfill for all those decades but the key is in learning and taking action. Today we know we can do better and save hundreds of bags from hitting the landfill by composting what we can.

Eating Our Fresh Produce Has Brought Tears To My Eyes

Yeah, it’s true. The first strawberry and raspberry, the two most favourite fruits for me, actually brought tears to my eyes. The last time I remembered eating a strawberry that tasted so good was at home on the farm.

A Growing Experience

We haven’t been home gardeners for long and we are learning so much more every year, so it’s a real growing experience.

There are times that I get a bit frustrated learning but that’s life and it’s so worth when I finally get it right. The thing is I could make life easier if I would read instructions first.

It’s great knowing we are doing something that will impact the environment in a positive way, no matter how small our home gardens are. And our garden is growing every year as we have increased the size each year.

We are learning how to produce more in a smaller space thus saving more money and enjoying the experience even more.

The canning we had planned to start last year didn’t happen as the summer was the wettest on record in my mind. I can not ever remember a year that has so much water. Our poor vegetable were sitting in water for most of the spring and summer.

We are thinking of creating more raised beds to help with the drainage problems we have with our yard. But even though it was a wet summer we still had lots of produce, just not enough to start canning, so that’s a goal for this year.

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