Our yard was drowning for so long this year I wasn’t sure if we would be able to get it prepared for planted. Every time I started it rained me out and then took a week to drain. That happened all the way through April and May. A little depressing.

For those two months our backyard was just a water hole and the garden was just a big ole mud hole. Haven’t see it like that in the five years we’ve owned it.

I managed to get the garden dug up and add some fresh topsoil, compost and peat moss to help it drain better and easier to work with. I couldn’t help but to increase the size a little more this year. Eventually we will have a big garden. We are building up for that and learning more and more each year. What he did in an afternoon would have taken me days.

After Steve had it all dug up and mixed well I raked it into rows for planting vegetables. It’s a lot easier to dig in now and will be so much easier for the roots to grow healthy and strong.

I worked at it until it was just about dark so I didn’t get it planted that day and of course as soon as I walked in the house the rain started again.

It took me three more days of waiting to get out so I could plant it without messing up all my hard work.

The vegetable garden is now planted and I’m already waiting for the harvest. I’m just hoping I didn’t put things in too late.

Finished Planting Yesterday

I planted a lot of tomatoes from seed this year but they were still pretty tiny once they were in the garden.

The goal is to have enough tomatoes so we can try canning some.

I also planted a lot of Green Peppers and a few types of Hot/Sweet Peppers.

Lots of Peas and Beans. This year, once they get big enough I will stake them up so they can grow vertically. They got quite messy last year and crawled into everything else.

I wanted to grow corn and have the peas and beans climb the corn but our yard seems to be too wet for growing good corn. That or we did something wrong the last time we grew corn.

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