Not every summer resident knows that when growing garden crops it is useful to use ammonia, the use of which is based on a high (82%) nitrogen concentration.

This substance is important for every green space, and its effect is often more effective than many organic fertilizers.

What is used for

Ammonia in the country can not only serve as fertilizer, but also be an effective tool in the fight against various pests.

This toxic, volatile substance with a pungent odor is a good specific measure against many harmful insects:

  • Onion and carrot flies are able to leave the summer resident without a crop. To destroy pests, vegetable plantings should be treated with ammonia solution (2 ml of alcohol is taken per 10 liters of liquid).
  • Considerable damage to plants is caused by a secretive hunter, settling on garlic and onions. To deter this weevil beetle, beds with onions and garlic are watered with water with a substance dissolved in it (25 ml of ammonia is taken on a bucket of liquid). Processing is carried out at the beginning of summer and is carried out once a week. The procedure will help not only scare away the pests, but also feed the plantings with nitrogen fertilizers, eliminating the yellowing of the leaves of the plants.
  • Many trees and shrubs are often invaded by aphids. Which in turn destroys the greenery, not allowing plantations to grow and develop normally. To get rid of aphids, 50 ml of ammonia are dissolved in 10 l of water, adding a little bit of soap for better adhesion. From the effects of the composition, harmful insects die, and green spaces receive the necessary nutrition.
  • Annoying gardeners and wireworm, often damaging potatoes and tomatoes. To destroy the worm will help a weakly concentrated solution of ammonia, which is added to each well during planting.
  • Ammonia of a wasp, a bear and ants cannot tolerate. It is enough for insects to smell the substance, the solution of which processed the places of their accumulation.

How to cook

The composition is prepared as follows:

  • soap is ground on a grater (use household or baby);
  • shavings are diluted in 1 liter of boiling water;
  • the resulting solution is added to 10 l of water, pouring it in a thin stream and stirring until soap bubbles appear;
  • take a 25% solution of ammonia in an amount of 50 ml, injected into a soap solution;
  • the composition is important to use immediately after its preparation.

This is due to the high volatility of the substance. It is recommended to process plants from a watering can, performing the procedure at sunset, in the early morning or on a cloudy day. Seedlings need to be watered exactly under the root to avoid burns to the first tender leaves.

If ammonia enters, it should be washed off with greens with clean water by mist spraying. Such top dressing is useful for any seedlings, both vegetable crops and flowers.

For planting strawberries, the remedy is more necessary as a fight against slugs and ants, since ammonia is practically not absorbed by these plants. For nightshade and cucumbers, the product is used 3-4 days after transplanting. Garlic and onions are fed by adding the composition to the hole directly during planting. Repeat the treatment after a week and stop it if the surface of the foliage becomes glossy and the color turns dark green, which indicates an excess of nitrogen.

The advantage of this spraying is that ammonia does not penetrate into the tissue of plants. Nevertheless, if the composition processed fruits and berries, they must be washed before use.

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