We are so happy to have our home vegetable garden to enjoy. From the first thing we grew, which was strawberries, we were hooked on gardening in our backyard.

I think I mentioned it in an early post but that first strawberry, which I had planted the previous fall, brought back a flood of memories from my childhood.

I actually could not remember a time, other than way back when, that a strawberry tasted so good. Sure beats store bought.

The thing is we have been buying store bought fruits and vegetables, even in season and they didn’t taste nearly as good.

That told me that I should be growing as much in our back yard as possible and from there we haven’t looked back. Each year our vegetable garden has grown in size and quantity of things we grow. I use seeds I get from Mike The Gardener’s Seed Club.

Just yesterday I decided to make a stir fry for the four of us. My wife Jenny, myself, our son Steve and is girlfriend Alyssa.

I went out to your vegetable garden and picked some tomatoes I could cook down and also have on the side, so I grabbed some bigger bright red tomatoes and also some Tiny Tim and Cherry tomatoes for the side of the dish.

Next I picked a green and then a red pepper. Great to have that colour.

Then I picked 4 hot chilly peppers as we love the heat.

We still have zucchini growing so I grabbed a nice fat one.

Believe it or not but I completely forgot to plant a couple of things this year, onions included so I had to use some we bought at the store. I have a hard time picking onions from the grocery store as they never seem to taste the same twice in a row.

Then it was off to the kitchen to make supper.

I put on the rice so it would be ready but didn’t start cooking supper for a bit as it wouldn’t take long. We don’t care so much for over cooked veggies.

Steve tried one of the hot peppers to see how hot there were. After his eyes filled up a bit I was eager to try a piece myself and I did find until I swallowed it and that was without any of the seeds.

It was going to be a hot stir fry.

The only thing I added to the stir fry other than the veggies was some extra fresh ground black pepper, a pinch of salt, some curry powder and chicken pieces.

Needless to say there wasn’t any left overs.

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