Man-made synthetic fertilizer is one of those things that can really do a lot of damage to a lawn’s soil if not used correctly. Often time’s people will dump too much fertilizer or weed control onto their lawns resulting in chemical runoff or burning of their yards. You can avoid these consequences by going with a few easy green methods that will not only save the planet, but they will also aid in getting you the best looking yard possible. Today we will go over a few great methods of taking care of your lawn to get it to its fullest potential.

The first thing that you need to do before putting any foreign matter into your lawn is to get a soil analysis done. You can get one of these analysis kits from your local county extension office for only a couple of bucks. Also make sure that when you are taking soil samples to get samples from all over the yard, doing this will ensure that you get the best result possible.

The results usually take a couple of weeks to process and come back, when they arrive make sure to check the pH section. This portion of the analysis will not only show you the current pH of your soil but it will tell you what it will take in order for your to get it back to a near neutral state. For those of you who are living in areas with high humidity and heat such as most of the South, Eastern Seaboard and Pacific Northwest your soil is going to be on the acidic side of the pH scale. Your soil if the pH is low enough will cause your plants to have a condition know as Aluminum toxicity. To avoid this and other conditions, refer to your soil analysis and apply the said amount of limestone pound per 1000 sq ft of lawn that you have. If you live in arid places such as the Southwest or West then your soil will tend to be more alkaline. Once again you will want to refer to your soil analysis to help treat the soil with sulfur in the correct amounts.

The next benefit of having a soil analysis done is that it will show you exactly which nutrients such as nitrogen that you need to apply to your lawn. If for whatever reason you do not feel like adding what the test says then please go with an organic slow release fertilizer that will not leech its compounds at near the rate that the synthetic fertilizers will. Two great examples of good all around fertilizers are Milorganite and bone meal; both of these fertilizers will help your soil by adding both macronutrients and micronutrients.

Core aeration is another great thing that you can do for your lawn to make sure that it gets the most benefit possible from both your artificial fertilization and soil amendment efforts and mother natures nature watering and microbe efforts. Core aeration will be something that will benefit your yard in both the short run and in the long run. Not only will your grass get instant oxygen and nutrients to its root level, but also over time it will fill in those holes with new grass making your lawn less susceptible to weeds, disease and thatch.

Watering your lawn the correct way can also make a huge difference in how your lawn will look this year. Giving your lawn frequent shallow every day watering is a sure way to get your to evaporate when the summer heat and drought comes in. If you want a lawn that will last you need a lawn that has a deep root system. To accomplish this you need to water your lawn deeply once or twice a week at the most, and for long periods of time during those water sessions so that the water will reach deep.

Another thing that most homeowners do not do that destroys their chances of having a great looking yard is they keep dull blades on their lawn mower. Having dull blades will rip and tear your grass blades. Having sharp blades not only makes your grass look like it just got a clean cut but it will help it bounce back quicker and dampen the chances for disease.

All of the things mentioned above are great things that you can do for your lawn while not harming the planet. This is a guest post from Jason from Georgia Lawn.

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