Ant hills can ruin a yard pretty quickly if not taken care of. The remedy for ant hills in gardens and lawns is to deal with them immediately upon finding them. Easy to say but if you don’t know what you are doing it can be a real challenge.

We didn’t realize the problems we were buying into as the previous owners were experts at deception. Not to go into too much detail I will only talk about the yard, it was a mess and needed plenty of love and care.

When we bought the place the yard looked great because they had laid new sod and planted lots of flowers. All of this was done to cover up the nightmare just below the sod. Lawn and garden pests galore. We thought the yard had a nice slope to the sidewalk but it turned out the it was not a slope but a hill, one big huge ant hill.

It took a lot of work to get rid of the pests in our garden and lawn, not just ants but also earwigs, which gross me out. If I could have done something to get even with the previous owners I think I would have taken all the ants and earwigs and move them directly to their new property, but then again I am an honest person and couldn’t do that.

We tried a home remedy for ant hills in gardens and lawns that a friend told us about but we ended up going to our local lawn and garden store to get real advice from a professional and in just a few weeks they stopped coming around and now our lawn and the slope to the sidewalk is all landscaping and not a big ant hill. We have since sold that place and moved into our dream home where we hired a professional to check out new property before we signed the dotted lines, although today we have protection against crooks like those people that sold us that place.

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