It started early spring and from then on it’s been raining every couple of days.

We certainly don’t have a water shortage this year. I only had to use my garden hose a couple of times so far and it’s mid-August already.

A couple of negative points though.

  1. Our vegetable garden has been drowned out a few times.
  2. The mosquito population has become unbearable.

Another positive point, I like ending on something positive. I moved to New Brunswick 30 years ago and have never seen such a green summer.

Walk To Renew The Heart And Mind

I was out of the house by 8:30 this morning as it’s going to be another hot day. The breeze coming in the window was a bit deceptive. When I walked outside it was already pretty warm.

With my trusty little camera in hand I headed out for an hours walk.

The grass had just been mowed in the last day yet it survived long enough for me to see it and share it with you.

And The Sign Said

I see a lot of cute sign in front of home and some of them are really cute. Like this little welcome sign I pasted.

I have seen a few butterflies done the same way and put in flower beds. They always make me stop and look a little closer.

Some days I don’t get to go very far before the heat drives me home again so some days I try to take my walk without stopping to take so many pictures. After all I am walking for health reasons.

It was long before sweat was running in my eyes and not a cloud in the sky. The Adirondack Chairin the image below tempted me to move it in the shade and have a sit down.

Then my mind snapped back to reality and I just took the picture and walked on. It was time to head back now so I turned another corner that would put on the path home.

Red Hollyhocks

I have been watching this hollyhock growing all summer. It’s in the middle patch between two neighbours driveways.

They have a few flowers and shrubs that go the length of the drive. Looks pretty cool.

Anyways this hollyhock has grown to at least 7 foot tall. I’m 8’ 9” and I had to put the camera over my head to take the picture of the top flowers.

Yeah I know you see them that high all the time. Well the thing that has been amazing me is that it has no support around it at all. Nothing is touching this hollyhock and we have had some very high winds that bring down branches and it’s still standing tall. Amazing.

Another home I like stopping at always has a row of sunflowers each year. I like to see their progress every time I walk that way.

This year I planted sunflowers, unfortunately they are right behind my vegetable garden and both the sunflowers and veggies sat under water for too long too many times this summer.

They may be tiny this year at just over 4 feet tall but they have lovely flowers and they are higher than my garden so I can see them from the kitchen.

The sunflower picture above is from my little sunflower.

Perhaps next year I will put the vegetable garden into raised beds as well as the sunflowers. Jenny and I won’t have to bend over so far to work. Smile

The flowers below looks like a rose bush we have along our privacy fence. These are a pretty pink and our are deeper pink into the red, almost. Another view we have from the south side of the house.

My walk was over, I lost about 2 pounds in sweat and needed a cool shower. And I hope you enjoyed my walk as much as I did.

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