I suppose if you have a limited area to grow a vegetable garden you might consider growing only things you can’t get at your local grocery store like we did for a few years.

Today we have a larger area to grow a vegetable garden and it’s growing every year.

Next year, we will be switching from having our vegetable gardens on the ground as it’s getting harder each year to bend over so much. Instead we are going to build or have built, some raised beds.

We will go with square foot gardening so that we get the most in the least amount of growing space. It should also help keep the weeds down to a minimum.

We are still going to grow our regular vegetables because we love how they taste fresh from the garden, but we will also add a few veggies we haven’t tried growing previously.

We joined Mike The Gardener’s Seed Club so we get a lot of seeds, 2 packs a month, and they are not just the vegetables we are used to growing. This year we grew some hot peppers and that was so cool. Ha Ha

Hot Peppers – It can be so disappointing when we can’t find hot peppers at the grocery store. We are a big enough city now with many cultures so we should have a better variety, but we don’t.

We’ve even gone to the local farmer’s market expecting to find hot peppers, sadly without any luck. So if we can’t find them we’ll grow them and even dry them if we don’t eat them all first, like we did this year.

Tomatoes – Okay maybe the tomato is actually a fruit but I don’t really care. I still eat it like it’s a vegetable. We grew 4 or 5 kinds this year and plant to grow even more tomatoes next year. I won’t plant them so close together thought.

Once you’ve grown your own tomatoes and tried that first one you’ll know why we grow so many tomatoes. They just taste so much healthier from your garden.

NOT Iceberg Lettuce – We haven’t purchased iceberg lettuce in years and we don’t grow very much of it in our vegetable garden. I still like the taste, from growing up I guess.

Instead of growing a lot of iceberg lettuce we are growing more varieties of the leafy types of lettuce. They are quite often more costly, but not from our veggie garden.

Peas – Peas can be very hard to find fresh. Canned peas are often mushy, and although frozen peas are certainly better than canned, they still pale in comparison to fresh peas. Tiny baby peas are sweet, delicate, and delicious, making them well worth the effort.

Carrots – Store bought carrots are often woody, tough, and bitter. Even organic carrots often carry a strong bitterness caused by being kept at temperatures that are too cool for too long.

Fresh carrots are generally very sweet and delicious. Like the carrots in our garden back when I was a kid sneaking out to pull one and eat it. Oh so sweet and tasty.

Radishes – I’ve bought lots of radishes at that grocery store over the years and they are usually alright if you buy small ones but the larger radishes tend to be pithy and gross. But being fair we have grown some of those pithy ones so I can’t really put down the grocery store.

However, we still grow them anyways, they do seem to taste better if you eat them immediately out of the garden.

Greens – Although most greens are readily available in stores, they’re often yellowing and wilted by the time you buy them. By growing them yourself, you can be sure you have fresh greens when you want them.

We enjoy them right from the skillet after sautéing them in butter and then adding a bit of salt and pepper.

Asparagus – I don’t buy asparagus at any time of year and certainly wouldn’t grow it, if it wasn’t for my beautiful wife pushing me. She likes those finger sandwiches with asparagus at the ladies church meetings. Yuk.

Green/Red/Yellow Peppers – Peppers in stores are often shrivelled and pathetic. Plus, peppers that aren’t standard green peppers can often be very expensive.

Our local store sells red peppers for as much as $2.99 each, which means I usually leave them there because that’s just plain crazy! Grow your own and save money.

Cucumbers – Store bought cucumbers are often bitter and dry. If you’ve ever had a dried out, semi-hollow cucumber, you’ll understand the importance of growing your own!

Corn – Sweet corn is a delight to eat when it’s freshly picked. Corn is extremely sensitive to being off the stalk. Once it’s been off the stalk for 6 hours, it starts to deteriorate rapidly. You’ve never had corn until you’ve eaten it cooked fresh.

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