A rather soggy summer is finally behind us. The autumn could be a bit unpredictable as well. There was a few times this year I was kind of cursing the summer because the rain washed my vegetables out of the garden.

Fortunately after the down pour I was able to stand them all back up and they even survived.

I only had to water our garden 3 times during the entire growing season.

Then we would get a stretch with no rain and the soil would get baked hard. What a strange summer to say the least. Never seen anything like it in my 60 years on this earth.

I am sure our vegetables had water-logged roots for most of the summer and were tired of holding their breath. Sadly a lot of plants went to seed long before they produced any good size produce.

Also a lot of our veggies just didn’t get a chance to ripen while many of our tomatoes just burst open on the vine.

We had lots of zucchini though even though there were thousands of slugs doing their best to destroy them. I use Slug-B-Gone which worked great last year however this year with so much rain it just didn’t seem to work, even after numerous applications.

Even though things seemed kind of negative this growing season all the other plants we have in our yard did extremely well and kept dark lush green leaves all summer long.

Now that it’s late fall and we have harvested all we have we are preparing the vegetable garden for next year.

With my son’s help I was able to double our garden size for next year. I still have some work to do before it’s all turned over and really ready for winter. I just need a few more days to get it done so I hope the rain will hold off.

I measure a section of new veggie garden and staked it off so Steve would know where to start removing the soil while I was pulling out the remaining plants from the garden.

Our little garden just went from 5×16 to 10×16. I may even extend the length of the garden if we have the weather for it. If not and we get a descent spring I may do it then.

Jenny and I are already looking forward to next year. We just have to make it through the winter, again. Maybe a trip to Florida would make it seem shorter?

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