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WPS WPA Tester
WPS WPA Tester is a simple android app which lets user to check weather the wifi connectivity being used for internet connectivity is secure or not. The WPS WPA tester makes sure that the connection which is being established by the user is not being accessible by any other unknown person so as to make sure that there is no control of any other person on the access point. The WPS WPA Tester is free of cost no user needs to pay anything to get this amazing app on there specific devices and make there connection secure. It can be Ios ,android or even windows it can be downloaded and installed anytime and anywhere on all devices. The WPS WPA Tester allows it users to check there connection by using WPS pin. The prime work of this tester is to check weather the connection being established by the user is safe or not or it is not being accessible by internet thieves.

The app WPS WPA Tester makes a login system where the password is being set up the user itself so as to make sure nobody else can access the network without the permission of the user who actually owns that connectivity on it’s specific device.

There are several PINs are being used in this WPS WPA Tester App which itself follow certain algorithms on which it works namely:




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There are very normal requirements of this amazing WPS WPA Tester App as it is very useful for every device in consideration to securities point of view it just needs ANDROID version 4 and all above version can get access to this worth important app for every sort of devices weather android, iOS or even windows.

The one more good thing about this app is that it is very small in size so it doesn’t acquires much space in memory of any device it is only (4.1 Mb) in size which is not at all big in comparison to every other app.


  • SECURES THE NETWORK : The most important feature of WPS WPA TESTER is that it makes the network secure.When the user establishes a internet connection so the most important thing is to be kept in mind is that to check that the connection doesn’t looses it’s integrity. The connection should be kept safe from all black hat people who try to get in the network and do all kind of malicious activities and rob away all the important data and information, So to not let this thing take place we should have this amazing app WPS WPA TESTER.
  • MULTI DEVICE CONNECTIVITY : The WPS WPA Tester app is the only app which has this feature of multi device connectivity. It allows the user to connect multiple devices on this WPA WPS Tester app which increases it’s working capability and make it a multi functional app which can make many devices connect all together and safe under one simple app. The WPS WPA Tester app secures all the data of the user from any other external agent to access it and fetch all the important information. The WPS WPA Tester app makes sure that there is no input is being given by any unauthorized person who can cause harm to the user’s intellectual property as well as rob away all the data and capital.
  • VERY LIGHT WEIGHT APP : Most important feature of WPS WPA Tester app is that the app comes with very low storage space. It acquires a very less storage space which is like only 3.2 Mb, that is close to negligible for any device. As the size is small it works very efficiently and the device is also not at all affected by it’s presence. So WPS WPA Tester becomes a must have app for all the devices as all devices somehow uses the WIFI connectivity to develop a secure internet connection. To develop a secure internet connection it’s good and safe to have WPS WPS Tester on your devices, so as to maintain the integrity of the connection and keep it vulnerable this is must have app for all the users. It is compatible on all the devices like Android, iOS, Windows and PC too. So no matter what device you are using this app is compatible everywhere.
  • EASY TO INSTALL : The WPS WPA Tester app is very much user friendly and anyone can Download and install it without any problem. The Download and installation process is very easy and it just took a maximum of one to two minute to complete the whole process of Download and install. So there is no need for user to think and look for any guide to how to get this app on installed on their devices as it is very simple to do and there is no problem in getting the app to perform all it’s functions. Once the app is installed on your devices then you can use your internet connectivity without thinking that there might be someone looking in your person data and having any unauthorized access top your system. As the user can make use of this app by simply linking it to the WIFI connection being established in the device by the user.
  • FREQUENTLY UPDATED : WPS WPA Tester is the only WIFI security App which is updated very frequently. As the work of this app is to keep the WIFI connectivity secure, so the prime requirement is that it should be able to update at a constant rate. As nowadays the technology is getting advanced day by day so is the black hat people too so most importantly the app should be capable and strong enough to not allow any malicious activity take place. This is only possible only when the app is acquired with advance features and technology on how to secure the WIFI connection of each device and not allow anyone to access it without permission. The WPS WPA Tester app is the only app which is updated frequently so to keep it safe from any unauthorized access. WPS WPA Tester app comes with fully loaded advance feature and technology then also it get’s updated frequently so as to keep it one step forward from any not permissible action to take place.


The WPS WPA Tester app is the prime need in today’s world for each and everyone. As in today’s technically advance world where we are surrounded by digital environment everywhere, in terms of smartphones, laptops, digital gadgets and many more. So internet is like a soul for all electronic devices so as to access the whole world in just a one go. So WPS WPA Tester is the app which secures our connection which is being established via WIFI from all unauthorized access. So this app is very easy to download and install on all our Android, iOS, Windows and PC too.

FOR ANDROID: WPS WPA Tester app can be very easily downloaded and installed on all our Android devices for free. All we need is to visit a website which has an APK file of WPS WPA Tester just click on DOWNLOAD NOW button the process will start. After the Download is completed just follow the screen instructions on the specific device  , NEXT->NEXT->ALLOW->AGREE->FINISH. then by doing so the App is ready to secure your connection.


FOR IOS: The best thing about WPS WPA Tester app is that it available on all the iOS devices for free. so this is great news for all iOS users that they can also secure there WIFI connectivity on there devices by downloading this app. The app can be installed from a website which has an IPA file on it or it can be downloaded from APP STORE also. Just click on GET button on APP STORE the app will start downloading once done then simply follow the screen instructions to complete the whole process to get an access to this amazing app that is WPS WPA Tester. The iOS users mostly make use of WIFI so this is a must have app for them on all their devices to keep there connection fix.

FOR WINDOWS AND PC: The app can be very easily installed on all windows devices and on PC to for free. All you need to do is to just look for the download file of WPS WPA Tester app either on any website or on the specific device stores. For PC the file can be downloaded directly from the website and then after the download simply follow the screen instructions to complete the whole process of downloading and installing the WPS WPA Tester app on the PC. Similarly we can download this app on all our windows devices also by simply looking for the apk file and following the screen instructions, NEXT->I AGREE->NEXT->ALLOW->FINISH. These are the few screen instructions which the user must need to follow to complete the installation of WPS WPA Tester app on their specific devices.

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