The biggest challenge we face when designing a small garden is to bring together both aesthetics and functionality in a small space. Choose best snow blower under 1000.

How can we define the perfect design of a small garden?

There are hundreds of criteria, for tastes the colors and functionality a few. But if we had to summarize the keys to design the perfect small garden we could reduce everything to 5 essential keys.

Simplification of the spaces.
We must be realistic with the possibilities that our garden offers us, trying to design a small garden under the same criteria that we use to do it with a big garden can be a big mistake and a reason to obtain a not very satisfactory result.
Simple, clear and well-defined forms will allow us to play with the limited spaces available, generating different environments where we could only sense chaos and unused spaces.

Colors and clear shades.
One of the main problems we find in the design of small gardens is the lack of light and the feeling of anxiety or claustrophobia when we are in them.
The way to solve this is simpler than it may seem. Of course we must dispense with dark colors and opaque shades. We must definitely opt for light colors, white better than best, which will provide light to our garden making it a more welcoming place.

Large furniture rather than small.
In line with the above, and as with the dark colors, small and numerous furniture will only increase the feeling of lack of space.
We will decide on large furniture and few in number. This will give us a feeling of spaciousness and harmony.

Absence of Lawn.
We do not mean that a lawn is not appropriate for a small garden. But sometimes, the dimensions are too small, and before putting a small portion of grass that breaks the harmony of space, it may be preferable to replace it with a base of pavement or pressed cement.

The design of the lighting is usually a fundamental aspect in any garden, but this is gaining importance we are working on the design of a small garden.
We must avoid defining too many points of light and that these are not focused on specific elements of the garden. This will help us to improve the perspective of our garden and convey the feeling of spaciousness to all its visitors.

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